Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rescue Kitty Mission & More

So after our one year anniversary, my dad had come for a visit for a week here in ole Idaho. This was the Saturday he was here and Alex played a show in Idaho Falls for a Bluegrass festival. My daddy is such a cute little old man. Even when he was young he was an old man because he is so solemn. I don't know if he had a really fun time here, but it was nice having him.
This is after my dad left-- this is the fourth of july. We hung out with some of Al's friends. It was a fun day. I loved spending the time with my sweetheart.
And now for the Rescue Kitty Mission. So we have some neighbors and their cat had some kittens. Alex immediately fell in love with them cute little sweet kitties. Well we immediately had problems with the owners of the sweet kitties. They didn't seem to understand that the kitties were their responsibility. One of the little yellow ones had an eye infection and when we warned them they seemed not to care and just was like whatever. Then later on Alex and I sadly found a kitty dead in the road, the little black kitty.
SO we decided we had to rescue these kitties! We had to find them a home and so were were feverishly praying that we'd find somewhere for them. There was a cat adoption place right by our apartment, but they were overbooked and we couldn't think of anywhere to take them! We were at our wits end with these kitties we were ready to just stand outside of Broulims with a box begging people to take them to a good home.
We were so blessed because Alex's mom bumped into this lady at her job that had a pet adoption place that didn't have any baby kitties!! So in the morning we stole the kitties from the neighbor's ( they were outside) and mom took them to a safer pasture.
Poor Al, he really loved those little kitties.

Well I have more past things to talk about, but later on!


  1. Aw, good for you guys on saving those adorable little kitties!! I really hate it when owners don't take responsibility for their pets, seriously. Huge pet peeve! (no pun intended, haha).

  2. I'm SO proud of you guys!!! Those poor babies!

  3. You guys are so perfect together! So kind! :)