Monday, July 5, 2010

One Year Anniversary Weekend!

So loading pictures onto Blog stinks big time. I'm sad that my "complaining" blog was up so long before I put another one on... I apologize! I have a lot more to blog about, but I'll do it one at a time! So the pictures are all in weird order. So the beginning of the photos were the actual day.

We had chocolate covered strawberries and mormon bubbly and watched our wedding video at the very end of the evening on our actual one year anniversary, June 20th, 2010

We had links throughout the week and that was our last link: ONE YEAR!

Alex wore the tie from our luncheon and I wore my dress. I was actually really surprised being about 5 months pregnant I was fitting pretty well in my dress... couldn't zip it all the way up, but come on 5 months pregnant!

We took pictures in front of the temple and this is one in the lawn of the Temple. There is one of us in front of the temple up at the top.

Alex and I went to the park earlier and he was playing with a boomerang he bought in Yellowstone. He got it stuck in a Pine Tree like 20 feet high and he climbed up and saved it!!
My sweetheart is such an incredible man. He bought me three roses on saturday before our anniversary. A red one for romance, a yellow one for our baby, and a pink one for both together. I LOVE HIM!!!!

The Saturday before we went to Yellowstone and our big event was the PLAYMILL THEATER!! We saw Beauty & the Beast and my sweetheart bought me a plush rose! Oh it was such a wonderful show!

yay! Playmill!

For dinner we went to this place.... um... what was it called.... THE GUSHER... maybe I was starving... I don't think so, but that was the BEST burger I have ever had!!! It was delicious!!!!
Alex played a show that Thursday. He is just sooo cute!!!! He did sooo good! man I love that boy!! AHHH!
We try to go to the Temple once a week and usually on Fridays. This friday because it was right before our one year anniversary we decided to do a sealing session.

The sealing session was so sweet. I didn't realize how faint I'd get though, ha ha.

These two pictures are not "cool" They were just us on the way to West Yellowstone for our One Year Anniversary EVENT . The Sign to Montana.
Oh one year... I can't believe it. It went by sooooo fast, but at the same time I feel like I've been been Alex forever. I can't remember life before him... well I guess I can really, but I never want to. I love this boy soooo much. He's incredible. I'm so grateful for this man and I can't wait to say I've spent ONE HUNDRED years with him!!!! I LOVE HIM!


  1. Congratulations for one year down! How fun. It looks like you had lots of little activities planned for it. John and I have our 2 year coming up and we're trying to plan what to do for it. I love that you updated with so many pictures. You look great Orchid!!!

  2. Congrats!! It's crazy how time flies, isn't it?!

  3. This is so sweet, you guys are awesome, I'm so glad you had such a fun anniversary. I really need to talk to you! I need to know if I can come visit you when we are in Rexburg!

  4. Hey I love playmill!! I went there for the 4th of july weekend! so fun!