Friday, September 24, 2010

And FALL begins!

So Fall begins and This is my 33 week picture! I have to say I wish I had my hair curled in all my pictures I've taken, it just looks better haha... so this girl can be born in the next 3 to 5 weeks... wowee!!!! ( well I'm actually about 34 weeks now so 2 to 4 weeks.... although I did have a dream that the doctors told me they changed their mind and were going to let me go FULL TERM... I got worried ha ha... )
So right before school started Alex took me camping for the very first time! I had never been and really wanted to go. This is him working at the fire... it was really hard to get it going...
BUT ALAS!!! We did!!!
It was fun being out there with my best friend. Man I love that boy.
We set up our tent and got all snuggly inside the tent, but then I got scared.... We were camping all by ourselves with no other couples and the camp ground was completely empty with no one else there and I just thought.... what if we get killed in the night!!!!!
SO we packed everything up and camped in our living room, but ya know I still feel like I got the camping experience, I really did lay down on the ground.
So then, My great friends Nicole and Kelsi threw me a baby shower for the girls in my ward!!!! It was sooo cute!!! They decorated sooo well and the food was sooo yummy!!! I was really blessed and had a lot of support there from the sisters in my ward and received awesome things for our little baby girl!
yummy food!!!
me and all those gifts!
So this is our baby girl's nursery! This below is the changing table
This is a view from the inside of her crib with the pretty bumper and the adorable mobile that Al's mom got for us!
So if you look at the bedding set and the valance, the wall hanging all those things were made by the one Mrs. Patty Randall, then most incredible woman! She's soooo good at sewing it's crazy!!!! She was so sweet and made this bed set for our baby!!!! Then if you look below at all that furniture! We were soo blessed! I know so many people that just deal with the bare minimum when they have their baby, but my Dad and my in-laws were sooo sweet and bought and gave all this stuff to us!!!! We are reallly really blessed. I am so grateful for my family!
Here is my hottie husband puttin together the baby furniture like a man!! OOoOO He's sooo handsome!!!
This was a picture from his first day of school. He's wearing his orange cheap shirt. He loves his cheap shirts soo much! We got like 5 of them for a buck 25 each!
A New place called Sammy's just opened and on the opening weekend we went both Friday and Saturday. They do live music on the weekends! It's such a fun place. AL fell in love with the place. He just thought it was so fun. Good food and Good music... who needs more??
There we are the other night we were there!
Our friends Chandra and Schyler came with us. We love these two they are soo dang fun!!!
Last but not least my Mom-in-Law, Lahni, and two of my best friends Jaclyn & Sarah threw me a baby shower!!
It was tons of fun!! There below is Lahni measuring my belly. I was about 33 weeks then and I measured 40 inches around!! COOL HUH??
There was the yummy food too!!! I'm so spoiled!!! Two awesome baby showers and an incredible husband and soon to have a cutie pie baby!!! I'm so excited!!! WAHOO!!!!
There will be more updates to come!