Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wonder Woman and Super Woman

I'm really proud of Al and I.... even though it really looks like we have a ton of stuff, the tons of stuff don't take that long to unpack. ALthough I can't give myself all the credit! My wonderful sister-in-law, super woman extraordinaire, and my mother-in-law, aka Wonder Woman, both helped me soooo much... even though I'm into my 4th month and pretty much kinda sorta half way through the pregnancy I still am having a hard time moving around a ton. I've for sure gotten better, but without the help of those two incredible ladies I would've been in trouble! It would've take me forever to unpack. I love Megan because she's really good at just trying to get things organized. Al and I have a TON of books.... and I don't just mean a lot, but a TON because he's an english major and I've been collecting for our babies and my future classroom...
Our new apartment is awesome!! It is HUGE!!!!!!! We have so much storage space it's incredible.... In our old apartment... it stunk because no matter how much I cleaned it always looked cluttered because we had stuff stuffed in every corner! Now we have places ( like closets) too put them!!! It's wonderful! We do lack a couple of book shelves, but we can be patient! Anyways.... not much else going on in the world of Al & Orchid... we've become pretty boring people...
OH but a question to put out for the world... I have for the VERY first time in my entire life have absolutely nothing demanding my time.... I mean I can clean the house, cook dinner, do laundry, regular stuff, but I have no job and no school and my baby isn't here yet!!!!! I'm kind of terrified of getting lazy and bored. THUS my question for those that have been in my situation:
PLEASE TELL ME.... what would you fill your days with?????
ALSO if any of your know any type of job that I could do online from home that a girl with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, with tons of people skills, and can learn computers pretty quickly.... I don't know what I'm trying to say, but I'm trying to figure a way to work from home... just let me know!

Friday, May 21, 2010

11 months

For those that have been married for a year or more do you remember how crazy it was when you were just a month away from being married for an entire year!

Maybe not.. maybe I'm just dramatic... which I am, but really!

In just about a month I had the best day of my life. Honestly, my wedding was soooo fun!!! I had a blast and don't regret a moment of it! There was nothing I would've changed, it was wonderful!

This past 11 months have gone by sooo fast... and strangely enough I can't remember life without Alex.

Man I love MARRIAGE! What a great idea!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm so glad she didn't stop at 3.

My sweetheart is the 4th baby in his family and I'm so glad even though pregnancy sucked for her she still had my sweetheart. What would I have done without him.
We celebrated his birthday sunday with his family then monday together.
He was tired after having sugar.
Megan & Mikel's gift....
Gift from Misti
Gift from Misti
Gift from Mom & Dad
he was surprised by two of his best friends being in our APT
They wrote him a song that was way fun!
Coconut Cream Pie... with a burning 23...
Blow it out!
About to open my BIG gift. He got scriptures from me too. The new baby separates & I got him some french scriptures he's been wanting... but wanted to buy him a toy.
1st blanket, 2nd wrapping paper
He has been staring at the baby amp for months! Just in love with it. he would pet it every time he went into Mike's Music..... so I finally brought it home for him.
Then we went to Applebees for a treat. While we waited for food we read... Sir Gawin & the Green Knight... daily reads in the Christensen home.... lol
Well there we go.... my sweetheart... I love him so much.
Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Only a matter of holidays...

ONCE AGAIN... this is another one of my guppy I love Alex because he is such a sweetheart and honestly tries so hard to make our marriage fun. Being pregnant is really hard... it's not that big of a deal I guess, but it's hard. I hate food and I get randomly sick and I get ornery randomly... and I hate almost everything 50% of the time... I know completely dumb, but Alex even though he has an awful wife to deal with right now he still is incredible.... where men like him come from is completely beyond me, but he cares so much for me that he gets less sleep because I wake up with an AWFUL nose and with nasty Sinus problems....So I don't sleep and because my sweetheart is a light sleeper... he doesn't sleep either... then spends saturday making me happy.... by the way if you're wondering I'm talking about last night and today.... Now let's go back to last sunday: Mother's Day!

Alex woke up 2 hours early and spent two hours with my scrap booking stuff and with his colorblindness I'm sure a frustrating two hours and made me the sweetest book I have ever read...
Page One: " I used to be a little boy, and you a little girl." and there we are me with a little hat because Alex didn't want to make hair... I had lots of hair as a baby...
Page Two: "Now you're all grown up... And I'm just a big little boy." And he put a sweet picture of him from last summer when he got his ... well our... vacuum. He thought it was the coolest thing and he calls it our green spaceship... in order to make me laugh last summer he climbed in the box... It was sooo funny, he's such a little boy, but such a sweetheart.
Page Three: "For this reason and more, I'm glad I married you. To me, you are the best wife... And mommy too. I love you. Heart Al." There are duckies in that picture and that's because Alex calls our little baby: Ducky. The reason is because he watched a baby movie of me and apparently I have Ducky hairs... and then our great friend Maxine brought us baby ducky slippers for our baby therefore... I'm momma ducky and our baby is baby ducky or just ducky. If you didn't notice there is a random piece of pink & black paper with like twirl or whatever on it and Alex sweetly put it there for the reasoning that it was pretty and I would like it, but the colors don't match at all... It kills me how cute and sweet this man is...
FIN. ( The card/book is over) Beautiful huh?
So, funny hair comb/ pocket watch story. Alex's birthday is on the 17th and mine is on the 5th. I was so excited about Alex's birthday gifts that I went and bough his. I bought him a new set of scriptures ( because he still has his mission scriptures which are falling apart) and I bought him a nice French Triple that he's wanted (he's learning to speaking/ read french). I'm also getting him something that he hasn't seen yet, and I haven't gotten because if I got it before his birthday... I'd spoil it and give it to him early... I wanted ONE thing to give him on the day of... So anyways after this long story has been given we couldn't afford for him to get me my birthday gifts. SOOOO we switched... I gave him his gift on my birthday so he gave me a gift today, and then he said one tomorrow and then the BIG one on Monday... on his birthday! ha ha So UP ABOVE is the Old Testament Stories... We studying the the Old Testament in Church and I got the BOM Stories from Meg & Mike and that helped me with my personal study and Al bought me the OT STories to help me study the OT for Sunday school... isn't he cute!!!
Well... Then he got me these things you cut out for FHE lessons, and quiet books and things like that... So I could cut them out so it gives me something to do and I've recently been trying to figure out how to use my extra time at home alone and I've been making things like File Folder games and FHE Lessons and I LOVE stuff like this... you take me to the distribution center and I'll want to buy everything in it, but I never do because I can think of something that we need more... like food ha ha... Alex is such a sweetheart. I guess we'll be waiting to know what I got for my other gifts!

WOW, I love that boy... even though I'm ornery and don't cook, barely clean... he still loves me and still treats me like I'm a good wife... and if he saw me write this he'd kill me.... he says I am a good wife... I'm creating a BABY for goodness....

Sorry my blogs are so long... I'm lonely and I need to talk about my best friend because he's my everything...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

23 years in the making...

So this picture really has nothing to do with this blog entry, but this is Al right after he got out of the shower one morning and his hair usually does this crazy thing and I just thought he looked soooo cute this morning so I am posting this picture. Oh I know I just have been talking about this so much lately, but I am so in love with my sweet husband. I've just recently seen what apparently "most men" are... and it disgusts me.... I'm sure not every man is this way so don't think I'm talking about your husband....but I have seen just the most "macho", insensitive, ridiculously rude, demanding, jerks I ever seen. Alex is the greatest sweetheart I have ever known. Apparently most men wouldn't wash the dishes and clean the kitchen when their pregnant wife is feel like crap. Apparently most men wouldn't fix the bed every morning because they know their wife has a strange pet peeve about unfixed beds. Apparently most men would be angry at their wives for not cooking dinner because they're too sick and food makes them sick... Alex is the best husband ever. Maybe I'm a bad wife because I haven't been really doing that great at cooking, and I keep the house pretty clean, but sometimes I let the dishes pile up a little lately, and it's been a little hard to fix the bed early in the morning.... I've just been so sick and tired, oh Alex I love you sweetheart and you have no idea how much I appreciate you, your hard work, and your energy..... I love you baba...
Okay, so this is what the post is really about... Yesterday I turned 23 years old...
Saturday Alex took me out for Bajio's ( Mexican for Cinco de Mayo)
Mmmm! AL and I have never eaten there together so it was kind of funny. We like the exact opposite foods so we got one burrito and split it... mexi rice on half with spicy beans, sweet rice on the other half with black beans... I can't handle spicy food....
It was so fun to go with him... he's so sweet and cute
I've gotta tell ya though eating there brought back memories... memories of eating there with my best friends... Lindsay ... Ruth... Jaclyn.... Nathan... I'm so sad
Then on Sunday my In-Laws threw me a party. I got a call from my great friends the Alley's and asked them to come to dinner at my in-laws and it was so nice to see them and spend time with them! Mary is actually due in July... maybe June, I think it's July! Exciting huh?
So the gifts.....
Megal or Miken..... or Megan and Mikel ha ha got me Book of Mormon STories & THe Children's Primary Hymn CD
Al's parents got me a shirt with matching earrings and a belly band for when I get big.

Misti got me two maternity shirts... it'll take me a while to grow into though lol
beautiful orange and raspberry colors!

Julie & her family sent me a very sweet card that made it in the mail on the day of my birthday. It was really sweet.
My gifts from my family are on the way in the mail... it's sad I live so far from them now, I really miss them on occasions like these.... They all called and texted to make sure I knew how much I was loved.
Now the day of! It's funny we couldn't afford for AL to get me a birthday gift right now because I went and got his birthday gift even though his birthday is the 17th and mine is the 5th ... it's like one of those COMB / POCKET WATCH STORIES ha ha ya know.. the Gift of the Magi!
The day of my birthday was kind of a slow... just normal everyday day... it kind of stinks because when your 23 it's just not cool to have a birthday... no one really super celebrates your birth, but my sweet ALex did as much as he could on the day to make it special...

It's funny I thought about my 23rd birthday a lot before it came... when I was a little girl 23 was my favorite number and I swore during my 23rd year everything was going to be wonderful: I'd be married ( which I am) , I'd be graduated ( which I am ) and I'd have a baby on the way... ( which we do in about 6 months...)

I got everything I wanted for my 23rd year... I know that this was just a prayer of a little girl, but God heard me.... even though the day was just boring, I saw the love of my Heavenly Father and how he answered the prayer of a sweet little middle eastern girl that didn't even know his truth yet...

I love this gospel, my God, my Savior, and my sweetest wonderful husband in the whole entire world.

Happy Belated Birthday to me.