Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wonder Woman and Super Woman

I'm really proud of Al and I.... even though it really looks like we have a ton of stuff, the tons of stuff don't take that long to unpack. ALthough I can't give myself all the credit! My wonderful sister-in-law, super woman extraordinaire, and my mother-in-law, aka Wonder Woman, both helped me soooo much... even though I'm into my 4th month and pretty much kinda sorta half way through the pregnancy I still am having a hard time moving around a ton. I've for sure gotten better, but without the help of those two incredible ladies I would've been in trouble! It would've take me forever to unpack. I love Megan because she's really good at just trying to get things organized. Al and I have a TON of books.... and I don't just mean a lot, but a TON because he's an english major and I've been collecting for our babies and my future classroom...
Our new apartment is awesome!! It is HUGE!!!!!!! We have so much storage space it's incredible.... In our old apartment... it stunk because no matter how much I cleaned it always looked cluttered because we had stuff stuffed in every corner! Now we have places ( like closets) too put them!!! It's wonderful! We do lack a couple of book shelves, but we can be patient! Anyways.... not much else going on in the world of Al & Orchid... we've become pretty boring people...
OH but a question to put out for the world... I have for the VERY first time in my entire life have absolutely nothing demanding my time.... I mean I can clean the house, cook dinner, do laundry, regular stuff, but I have no job and no school and my baby isn't here yet!!!!! I'm kind of terrified of getting lazy and bored. THUS my question for those that have been in my situation:
PLEASE TELL ME.... what would you fill your days with?????
ALSO if any of your know any type of job that I could do online from home that a girl with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, with tons of people skills, and can learn computers pretty quickly.... I don't know what I'm trying to say, but I'm trying to figure a way to work from home... just let me know!


  1. I know what you mean about getting bored, that's why I started taking classes again for fun! You could always do online tutoring. I don't know any specific ones, but I'm sure you could search some out on the internet. If your really bored, you could pick up a new talent or skill like an instrument or a craft. I'd love to sew/make some baby stuff with you, since we are due around the same time! Hope that helps!!

  2. I had the same problem for about 2 months once I got done with school and was waiting for Miles to get here. My advice would be...ENJOY IT!! Of course be productive, but don't feel guitly if you just sit and read for hours because there will never be another time if your life that you can really take advantage of an opportunity like this. Go to the temple, read, craft, find service opportunities and take lots of naps. That's what I did/wish I did when I was in your shoes. :) And yes Megan and your mom-in-law are amazing. We missed our weekly get-together again. :(

  3. Orchid, oh my goodness. I thought maybe you were prego because of your little penguin graphic, but I never read a single post about it, so I didn't know!!!!!

    That is so exciting! Congrats!! And you will find out the gender soon, no? I LOVE being a stay-at-home wife (with a graphics job). Maybe you should open up a small daycare in your HUGE apartment!

    You could just get lots of mom practice and watch people's really cute kids while their parents are in class or at work or something.

    So excited for ya girl! That is really great news!

  4. Lorie Ann I can't do anything about your blog! I'm blocked out!?! AH!!! But I love you! WHat do you do with graphics at home? WHat company with?? Do they need an online secretary??? JK.... Anyways, I just love hearing from you.

    Everyone else, I'm very happy for all the support, you're all so wonderful

  5. hey orchid! I have been meaning to tell you congrats on your pregnancy, but haven't yet, so CONGRATS! hope everything is going great for you!