Saturday, May 15, 2010

Only a matter of holidays...

ONCE AGAIN... this is another one of my guppy I love Alex because he is such a sweetheart and honestly tries so hard to make our marriage fun. Being pregnant is really hard... it's not that big of a deal I guess, but it's hard. I hate food and I get randomly sick and I get ornery randomly... and I hate almost everything 50% of the time... I know completely dumb, but Alex even though he has an awful wife to deal with right now he still is incredible.... where men like him come from is completely beyond me, but he cares so much for me that he gets less sleep because I wake up with an AWFUL nose and with nasty Sinus problems....So I don't sleep and because my sweetheart is a light sleeper... he doesn't sleep either... then spends saturday making me happy.... by the way if you're wondering I'm talking about last night and today.... Now let's go back to last sunday: Mother's Day!

Alex woke up 2 hours early and spent two hours with my scrap booking stuff and with his colorblindness I'm sure a frustrating two hours and made me the sweetest book I have ever read...
Page One: " I used to be a little boy, and you a little girl." and there we are me with a little hat because Alex didn't want to make hair... I had lots of hair as a baby...
Page Two: "Now you're all grown up... And I'm just a big little boy." And he put a sweet picture of him from last summer when he got his ... well our... vacuum. He thought it was the coolest thing and he calls it our green spaceship... in order to make me laugh last summer he climbed in the box... It was sooo funny, he's such a little boy, but such a sweetheart.
Page Three: "For this reason and more, I'm glad I married you. To me, you are the best wife... And mommy too. I love you. Heart Al." There are duckies in that picture and that's because Alex calls our little baby: Ducky. The reason is because he watched a baby movie of me and apparently I have Ducky hairs... and then our great friend Maxine brought us baby ducky slippers for our baby therefore... I'm momma ducky and our baby is baby ducky or just ducky. If you didn't notice there is a random piece of pink & black paper with like twirl or whatever on it and Alex sweetly put it there for the reasoning that it was pretty and I would like it, but the colors don't match at all... It kills me how cute and sweet this man is...
FIN. ( The card/book is over) Beautiful huh?
So, funny hair comb/ pocket watch story. Alex's birthday is on the 17th and mine is on the 5th. I was so excited about Alex's birthday gifts that I went and bough his. I bought him a new set of scriptures ( because he still has his mission scriptures which are falling apart) and I bought him a nice French Triple that he's wanted (he's learning to speaking/ read french). I'm also getting him something that he hasn't seen yet, and I haven't gotten because if I got it before his birthday... I'd spoil it and give it to him early... I wanted ONE thing to give him on the day of... So anyways after this long story has been given we couldn't afford for him to get me my birthday gifts. SOOOO we switched... I gave him his gift on my birthday so he gave me a gift today, and then he said one tomorrow and then the BIG one on Monday... on his birthday! ha ha So UP ABOVE is the Old Testament Stories... We studying the the Old Testament in Church and I got the BOM Stories from Meg & Mike and that helped me with my personal study and Al bought me the OT STories to help me study the OT for Sunday school... isn't he cute!!!
Well... Then he got me these things you cut out for FHE lessons, and quiet books and things like that... So I could cut them out so it gives me something to do and I've recently been trying to figure out how to use my extra time at home alone and I've been making things like File Folder games and FHE Lessons and I LOVE stuff like this... you take me to the distribution center and I'll want to buy everything in it, but I never do because I can think of something that we need more... like food ha ha... Alex is such a sweetheart. I guess we'll be waiting to know what I got for my other gifts!

WOW, I love that boy... even though I'm ornery and don't cook, barely clean... he still loves me and still treats me like I'm a good wife... and if he saw me write this he'd kill me.... he says I am a good wife... I'm creating a BABY for goodness....

Sorry my blogs are so long... I'm lonely and I need to talk about my best friend because he's my everything...


  1. um, hello! your eggo is prego and i didnt even know! seesh! CONGRATS!!!!!! SOOOOOOO exciting!!! :) when are you due?? fill me in on the goods girl! i was sick all the up until 24 weeks and it was BRUTAL! I never threw up, but i was sick and nasesous like 24/7 and i hated to eat too. but once week 24 hit i felt amazing the rest of the time. good luck. enjoy EVERY MOMENT!! I must say i loved being prego and being a mom is even better!!!

  2. Orchid if you ever want to come hang out by all means head on over! I'm home with my three little kids all day. Just don't come after 1 because that's nap time. I'm sorry you've been so miserable. If there's ever anything I can do to help let me know ok? And that was so sweet of Alex to make you that book!

  3. Orchida, YOU are AWESOME, no matter what anyone says, NEVER think you don't deserve anything because you are so thoughtful and always serving, I love you! I wish we could have hung out more, I'll be back sometime this summer to Rexburg and I will be visiting you!

  4. Love it!!! You two are so cute. And I'm soooooo super happy that you're going to be a mama ducky. That's one lucky little baby ducky!!!!!

  5. oh my goodness i can't believe your preggo!! yay!! ahh and those pics of you and alex at bajio... you look GORGEOUS!!! wowsers!! well congrats girl!