Monday, August 17, 2009

Georgia Fest!

So I'm going to be completely honest.... We were suppose to go to GA for a honeymoon, but it was not fun at all... I don't want to go to GA for a long time. It was really hard. I was lucky though because I have the most positive husband and he just pointed out the happy parts. The greatest part of this whole trip, although it was kinda miserable was that on our way to GA our flight from Denver to Atlanta was overbooked and so we forfitted out tickets and because we did we got a 30 dollar Food Vocher, a hotel for the night and they booked us for the 10 am flight this next morning and TWO FREE AIRLINE TICKETS from anywhere to any Southern State... and since we didn't get the honeymoon we wanted, we're going to hopefully go to vacation in ORLANDO!!!!!!! I haven't been there in forever ( since I was 14, and now I'm 22)... Now we cannot begin to be able to afford spending money in Orlando, we'd go and have to sleep in the AIrport not being able to afford a hotel... but we have a year to use those tickets, so hopefully by next summer we can save money to go to Orlando and enjoy ourselves. :) I love Heavenly Father for blessing us!

Centennial Olympic Park

AL's first time in an Aquarium EVER!
My baby & me with the fishes in the Sea!
Sharks... Ahhh

In front the Coca cola Factory

Coca- Cola Factory

Al's First Shave :)
With a razor instead of an Electric
AL's first Chik-Fil-A
Setting up Jenaca's Reception!

Persian Reception
Being with my baby. I love him.

Cutting a fun Cake at my Persian Mini Open House!
The Girls!
Just hanging out with the Persian Family!
Getting a Taste of GA
HE went to La Parilla, best Mexican Food, best cheese dip!
GA Open House
These girls are my "sisters"! I'm the oldest of them all, but aren't they beautiful girls! SO cute!!!
My Aunt Ferry bought us a wedding cake! Is that not absolutely beautiful!!!
About to feed each other cake :) I smashed it in his face this time :)
Me & Al... He's so handsome, huh? I love, love, love, love him. I'm so lucky to have the greatest man in the entire world... for me of course, because ever woman should have the greatest husband!
This was Aunt Ferry, Uncle Mehdi, and Little Banafsheh! They are incredible. They are like my God Parents, if Persians had that. THey did so much for me!

SO what's next...
I start student teaching officially this Wednesday. I've been in my school, hung out and helped out my teacher, met my University Supervisor. Honestly I'm terrified... AT the Orientation they made it sound like it was going to be the hardest thing ever, but I don't feel like it should be as awful as I thought it sounded. Honestly I felt as if I was being scared into doing well, but I'm just going to try my hardest to make the lives of my students better. I want them to know even if they have no where else to go.... for 7-8 hours a day they have a Haven in the classroom.
For the Good News....
I can't wait until our real honeymoon... but I have to be thankful for Misti, my sister-in-law, she paid for our wedding evening hotel and then the Strobels gave us two nights in a cabin up in Island Park, so really we've had awesome honeymoons.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm in GA!

I'm in Georgia and because we have SO MUCH to do I probably won't be posting much until I get back. I get back next Thursday, so see ya'll then!