Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rescue Kitty Mission & More

So after our one year anniversary, my dad had come for a visit for a week here in ole Idaho. This was the Saturday he was here and Alex played a show in Idaho Falls for a Bluegrass festival. My daddy is such a cute little old man. Even when he was young he was an old man because he is so solemn. I don't know if he had a really fun time here, but it was nice having him.
This is after my dad left-- this is the fourth of july. We hung out with some of Al's friends. It was a fun day. I loved spending the time with my sweetheart.
And now for the Rescue Kitty Mission. So we have some neighbors and their cat had some kittens. Alex immediately fell in love with them cute little sweet kitties. Well we immediately had problems with the owners of the sweet kitties. They didn't seem to understand that the kitties were their responsibility. One of the little yellow ones had an eye infection and when we warned them they seemed not to care and just was like whatever. Then later on Alex and I sadly found a kitty dead in the road, the little black kitty.
SO we decided we had to rescue these kitties! We had to find them a home and so were were feverishly praying that we'd find somewhere for them. There was a cat adoption place right by our apartment, but they were overbooked and we couldn't think of anywhere to take them! We were at our wits end with these kitties we were ready to just stand outside of Broulims with a box begging people to take them to a good home.
We were so blessed because Alex's mom bumped into this lady at her job that had a pet adoption place that didn't have any baby kitties!! So in the morning we stole the kitties from the neighbor's ( they were outside) and mom took them to a safer pasture.
Poor Al, he really loved those little kitties.

Well I have more past things to talk about, but later on!

Monday, July 5, 2010

One Year Anniversary Weekend!

So loading pictures onto Blog stinks big time. I'm sad that my "complaining" blog was up so long before I put another one on... I apologize! I have a lot more to blog about, but I'll do it one at a time! So the pictures are all in weird order. So the beginning of the photos were the actual day.

We had chocolate covered strawberries and mormon bubbly and watched our wedding video at the very end of the evening on our actual one year anniversary, June 20th, 2010

We had links throughout the week and that was our last link: ONE YEAR!

Alex wore the tie from our luncheon and I wore my dress. I was actually really surprised being about 5 months pregnant I was fitting pretty well in my dress... couldn't zip it all the way up, but come on 5 months pregnant!

We took pictures in front of the temple and this is one in the lawn of the Temple. There is one of us in front of the temple up at the top.

Alex and I went to the park earlier and he was playing with a boomerang he bought in Yellowstone. He got it stuck in a Pine Tree like 20 feet high and he climbed up and saved it!!
My sweetheart is such an incredible man. He bought me three roses on saturday before our anniversary. A red one for romance, a yellow one for our baby, and a pink one for both together. I LOVE HIM!!!!

The Saturday before we went to Yellowstone and our big event was the PLAYMILL THEATER!! We saw Beauty & the Beast and my sweetheart bought me a plush rose! Oh it was such a wonderful show!

yay! Playmill!

For dinner we went to this place.... um... what was it called.... THE GUSHER... maybe I was starving... I don't think so, but that was the BEST burger I have ever had!!! It was delicious!!!!
Alex played a show that Thursday. He is just sooo cute!!!! He did sooo good! man I love that boy!! AHHH!
We try to go to the Temple once a week and usually on Fridays. This friday because it was right before our one year anniversary we decided to do a sealing session.

The sealing session was so sweet. I didn't realize how faint I'd get though, ha ha.

These two pictures are not "cool" They were just us on the way to West Yellowstone for our One Year Anniversary EVENT . The Sign to Montana.
Oh one year... I can't believe it. It went by sooooo fast, but at the same time I feel like I've been been Alex forever. I can't remember life before him... well I guess I can really, but I never want to. I love this boy soooo much. He's incredible. I'm so grateful for this man and I can't wait to say I've spent ONE HUNDRED years with him!!!! I LOVE HIM!

Friday, July 2, 2010

bad blogger...

I don't know why it's so hard for me to blog.... I've got all day and when Al's home he's studying unless I'm distracting him so I have more time then too.... BUT I just hate loading pictures onto my blog. It takes soooo long and to get them there in the right order is such a pain in the butt! I read a friend of mine's blog and she just rambled about thoughts she had, but when I read her thoughts they were positive things... it made me think of the rambling I do inside my head that keep me up at night.... There's this book I heard about in church by John Bytheway... Something about how to be miserable... and I thought that's me... where I get this awful tendency to kill myself with thoughts is beyond me....

So here are some of my ramblings... I will post pictures when i feel like it later...

SO... one I've thought about my place as an stay at home mother. A lot of the girls I know that stay at home with just one baby or none yet ( like me) have hobbies like sewing, or cake decorating or flower arranging or painting.... stuff like that.... NOW I've really wanted to start hobbies like that ( sewing & cake decorating in particular) but I've been sooooo terrified of the money it costs. I hate thinking about it, but now and even worse in the fall Alex and I really can't afford very much. We live to the brim every month... even when I was working and getting paid... we had a little more play and savings money, but really we've always been pretty poor.... NOW i don't want this to sound like I'm complaining, because I know that Alex is a really hard worker and he's only in the beginning ( this fall) of his junior year of college and I know that one day we'll be comfortable, probably never rich, but comfortable with savings, comfortable enough to buy stuff that we want sometimes, but now we're not and it's okay... the problem is, is that I've never had time for a hobby so I couldn't prepare myself for this time. I've always been in school full time and work full time... I miss having a job... working was my hobby... I've tried to get a job, but no one wants to hire a pregnant person and I know people say you don't have to tell them, but to me that feels dishonest... they'd get me for four months and then what, they'd leave me with a bad recommendation because I didn't tell them I was having baby before I was hired. People don't realize how detrimental it can be to your ability to get hired somewhere else when they don't like you had the job you had before.... SOOO anyways I'm still looking for a job and praying someone will hire me for the summer, but hobbies are so expensive... there are other things I can do that are free... like

study french ( I took it for so long and school and can't speak or read very well)
practice piano ( But I never do that because I don't want to get up and go to the school to do it and we can't afford to get one )
I read... reading is good
I take walks... that's good
I'm working on family history, but it's hard because of my heritage. They didn't start keeping records until my parents generations so it's not like I can go on family or whatever everyone else does to collect it and my family isn't that great at helping me... so I get discouraged...
I go to the temple....I've been trying to go once by my self a week ( I go with Al every week, but he only has time for that he works and has so much school)
I just feel like when someone wants to hang out I have nothing to talk about because I don't do anything....
I'm too scared of trying to hang out with someone without a planned activity because of the possibility of the awkward silence I would cause.
So ...... anyways.... I don't know, and when the baby comes. I know I'll have a lot of busy time with baby, but what about the down time... what will I do...

I'm sorry I hope I'm not completely trying to depress everyone.... really just babbling, trying to get it off my chest. I'll probably do this a lot more and if you don't want to read, don't feel bad maybe I just need somewhere to let my feelings off on....