Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm so glad she didn't stop at 3.

My sweetheart is the 4th baby in his family and I'm so glad even though pregnancy sucked for her she still had my sweetheart. What would I have done without him.
We celebrated his birthday sunday with his family then monday together.
He was tired after having sugar.
Megan & Mikel's gift....
Gift from Misti
Gift from Misti
Gift from Mom & Dad
he was surprised by two of his best friends being in our APT
They wrote him a song that was way fun!
Coconut Cream Pie... with a burning 23...
Blow it out!
About to open my BIG gift. He got scriptures from me too. The new baby separates & I got him some french scriptures he's been wanting... but wanted to buy him a toy.
1st blanket, 2nd wrapping paper
He has been staring at the baby amp for months! Just in love with it. he would pet it every time he went into Mike's Music..... so I finally brought it home for him.
Then we went to Applebees for a treat. While we waited for food we read... Sir Gawin & the Green Knight... daily reads in the Christensen home.... lol
Well there we go.... my sweetheart... I love him so much.
Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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  1. I've read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight! In my senior year english class... I feel very cultured to be able to know what it's all about! I think this means we missed Alex's Birthday? Happy Birthday home teacher!