Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happenings of the Summer

So this summer has been pretty wild. I've been so bad at blogging! We haven't done a ton of stuff, but I've been trying really hard to keep myself super busy, so I'm not in the house a lot and when I am, I am with Alex and I don't like to do anything that is by myself work.... I do everything WITH Alex....

SO this picture of is of me 29 weeks pregnant. I'll actually be 30 weeks prego this Tuesday!!! SO CLOSE!! She's coming! Our sweet little Layla! SO we have a friend of our family and she's is an incredible professional seamstress and she has helped me make a few baby blankets and burp cloths and now she's being so wonderful and making a baby bedding set for us. We found the sweetest fabrics and it was really hard getting all the pieces of fabric to match for me because I don't have a vision, but hopefully the fabrics I picked will looks great. Patty, this incredible woman, seem to think it would. I am sooo grateful for her!!! For more baby news my Dad was so sweet and he bought us a ton of baby furniture and a car seat and stroller, MAN are AL and I spoiled. So many first parents get a ton of mismatched used stuff, that works great and is awesome, but my Dad just got us all new stuff. I feel sooo sooo grateful. I'm excited to break in my rocker's cushions ha ha!
This picture of us after TOY STORY 3! It was such a fun show!!
If you see that is Schyler in the back round! We went canoeing with them!! It was the first time I have ever gone canoeing!!!! It was soo cool!
This is me and Chandra ( Schyler's wife!)
Alex played a Bluegrass show in Swan Valley!!!
The coolest thing about that is that Swan Valley is the home of the WORLD FAMOUS SQUARE ICE CREAM CONE!!!! Can you see it in the picture below???
So Alex just got a long board and he loves it! He uses it to go to work and he loves feeling the wind in his face!!! I won't let him feel it through his hair because I want to protect him, but funny enough Al likes wearing it and I think he looks pretty hott in it.
This is from a while ago! We went to a work party for Al in Idaho Falls and we stopped at the Visiting Center!
That evening Al had a show! It was such a long day that day....
That is me and AL and mom finding out that the cheap theaters in town had 3-D movies!!!! And So we saw Despicable Me!!! It was sooooo funny!!!! Mom says that when our Layla is about two years old she'll look like Agnus... " It's so fluffy I'm going to die!!!!!!"
That night after the movie we went and burned wax out of his ears!!! His ear was full of wax!! His ears were hurting so we tried to fix it and he couldn't hear out of one of them. We ended up having to go to the doctor's to get it flushed out because it just was soo bad!
So this picture is Al at Porter Park! This was the Beehive Picnic! It was so fun there was a BIG BAND if you can see in the back round and Al loved it!
This shark slide was at Al's work party that same day we went to the IF Temple and he played that show.
There is my sweet little boy going down the slide. He's sooo cute!!!!
Doesn't he look so satisfied??? I love that sweet boy!!!!!
At his work party he was in this contest trying to pop other's balloons on their ankles!!! With his backward's cap!!! He's soo cute!!! AHHH!!!!
There we are after the game!!!
SO.... we're going to the Doc's tomorrow and hopefully everything will be okay with our sweet little Layla. This is so crazy she's coming sooo sooon!!! Please pray for our daughter that she's safe and she comes here safely!!!

Until next time!!!!


  1. I LOVE your prego belly! And I love the name Layla! And is Schyler's hair black?

  2. I LOVE LOVE all your pics it makes me so happy you are having so much fun! I can't wait to see your pretty baby!

  3. OH my gosh Orchid I am so excited for you!! You re goin to make such a cute mommy! :)

  4. Aw, it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! Love the pics! You look so cute pregnant! Love the name Layla too!

  5. You look beautiful. She could come any time now!!!

  6. Oh my goodness Orchid- your tummy is ADORABLE! You make such a beautiful pregnant lady, I just love it. I can't wait for your Layla to get here.