Monday, July 6, 2009

Married for 2 weeks!

So Al & I have been married for two weeks!! Marriage is seriously the best! Just like everyone says! I feel awful though because as soon as we got married I decided to get sick!!! I had this disease when I was 13 called pericarditis and it affected my heart. Well lo and behold it came back the saturday after I got married... Saturday Night I was hyperventilating because I couldn't breathe. My sweet husband held me all night until my body finally gave up and just fell asleep. He gave me a blessing every night for a few days because my body was just ailing. I honestly do have the best husband in all of life. I just can't believe how incredible he is. I'll get all upset and he'll just make me laugh. He's so funny. 

I know everyone is waiting for wedding pictures... I know I know!! But we haven't gotten them back yet! The Day of the wedding was perfect! We got all the wedding pictures done with the family... BUT, when we started to take just couple pictures around the Temple is began to rain. We got a few, but of course not enough. SO This Saturday, my incredible photographer ( Chelsea Lasley, I recommend her!) is going to spend all day with us taking wedding Temple pictures! Woo! 

Life is amazing and I recommend everyone to marry their best friend.  I promise more news is to come! Love all of you soo much!!!! 


  1. Poor girl! I hope you are feeling better. That is awesome that your photographer is willing to take more pics. They are so worth it!

  2. Yay it was about time for an update. We miss you two and Orchid, you're as gorgeous as ever!

  3. You two look super happy!!! Love you!!!