Thursday, July 30, 2009

Financial Aid ( FAFSA) of the Government -- INCOMPETENT

I just thought that I would tell the world that they should never, ever, ever trust FAFSA government with anything in the Financial Aid Department. Last Fall & Last Winter I had enough scholarship to pay for my tuition, yet they used my pell grant. Well, that's okay because I had my pell grant to use. Well now I've looked on my account and they've recharged me for my Fall of 08 & my Winter of 09 tuition saying that they sent my pell grants back. That is not possible. After something is paid for you can't just remove the money at free will give it back and then make the student pay for it, when they had no idea that this was happening. They are complete incompetent idiots and really this will keep people from going to any University, because if they can't even trust the Financial Aid they are recieving, why would they run the risk of going to College at all! I will not pay for the mistake that they made. They will pay for it. I am not mad at my Heavenly Father, because this is a mistake of man, and these people are completely idiotic and out of their minds. I hate the government and they are complete idiots and they have no idea how much they are ruining the lives of College students everywhere. And I never use that word, but I honestly HATE them.


  1. I'm so sorry this happened Orchid. I am glad you posted this though, because I am starting to look for scholarships and grants and things for my school tuition and things. But now I know to be VERY careful. On a more happy note, I am glad I am getting married too. Will you and Alex be in Rexburg in the Fall? If you are, I really want us to hang out. We can be married friends! Yay! :)

  2. hey it is not rude to ask how much we pay... it is no secret. we signed a year contract so we pay $585. Without a year i think it is 600. we pay for electric but haven't gotten a bill yet. the manager said it is around $14 a month. It takes me 20 minutes to walk to the hinkley and is about 2 blocks from the edge of campus.
    Hope that helps loves!!

  3. love ur blog orchid! congrats on passing the praxis!!!