Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Island Park, A baby blessing, and a show... what a wonderful world

Wednesday Afternoon Sister Strobel called Al's mom and told her that they had a free cabin for us in Island Park and I was done with school so Al surprised me with telling me we were going on a MINI MOON!!! This is us at a Red Light in the car...
We stopped at Quiznos to get some dinner because we weren't going to get to Island Park until about 9 or 10 pm
We got there and saw our cute little cabin. This below was the kitchen eating area.
Al modeling in our baby living room.
Al blowing kisses in the bedroom. We had brought blankets and pillows thinking that we'd be roughin it.
Thursday we had to come back down for Sydney Grace Simon's Baby Blessing, and then Al had a show he had to play in Idaho Falls. Here is the cutest picture of Linz holding Sydney. I love her!!! She's such a beautiful baby!! AHHH!!!
We gave her a card and wanted to watch her open it. I don't know if she felt very comfortable with the card. Alex & I felt like it was funny :)
Al is holding Sydney. I think that it's so cute! She loves him! He's sooo cute!! Man I love my husband. There is something about a hot man holdin a baby *wink*wink*
Me and my new baby best friend. I just love that baby soo much! I love her. I love her. I love her!
She's so funny she was yellin, and talkin, and bein so funny! I lover her so much! She's such a sweet girl!
There is Alex at his show!! He's an incredible guitar player! He's awesome! I love him! He's sooo dang good lookin!
There is him and the band. That's Nyk on the Mandolin and Elle on the fiddle. Im not sure about the bass player. He usually doesn't play with them, but he did a good job!
Here's the day's band lookin all serious! Ha ha! It's the GQ look ya know.
There is Alex leavin our Cabin the next day after we went to the show and the baby blessing, and we went back up to Island Park. It was so fun going on the mini moon. The night before we left we got into the hot tub and it felt so good! Al made fun of me and it was so funny, because Al said we'll have to get a hot tub when we're old because it'll help my little bones and muscles!
Here we are in the pretty little woods. You know there is a God when he has created such a wonderful world for us to look at.
I see skies of blue.... and clouds of white
bright blessed days.... dark sacred nights
And I think to myself... what a wonderful world....


  1. Sounds like so much fun!! Orchid you look beautiful in all of those pictures!! What a cute couple you two are :) Seriously... so cute.

  2. I'm glad marriage is going so wonderful for the two of you. You both look very happy and cute. I added your blog to my list, so I can keep up to date with you guys, hopefully that's ok. You can add mine to your list too if you want. Love ya! :)

  3. you two are toooo cute!!! i love you and you both look so happy ALL the time!!! ahh so cute!