Sunday, July 17, 2011

How could you be mad?

Layla is honestly the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world. I'm sure everyone thinks that of their own baby, and rightly so, BUT really she is just aesthetically pleasing, don't you think?

So she's getting teeth and any mother that has been through this can tell you that they are the worse thing that ever happen to mothers and babies everywhere. They're in pain so they act funny, and you're frustrated because they're in pain and you can't fix it and they act funny. Layla just doesn't like naps since this teething thing has begun, but really she has some great days and some bad days.

I always think, man our kid is so beautiful. We should exploit her good looks and pay for Alex's schooling. Don't you think?

But seriously, sometimes I get so frustrated because I need her to take a nap so I can finish up the laundry or make Alex lunch before he gets home, but when you see this face, how could you be mad?
Rockin out to music at the Farmer's Market

Flashin her beautiful eyes at the world

Smiling at mommy and daddy, isn't she sweet! How could you be mad?!

P.s. I have had really really bad post prego acne these last couple of months... i would have to say since about the end of April ( after Layla turned 6 months old, and she's turning 9 months old in 4 days.) If you have any suggestions at all of how to get rid of it I would be eternally grateful. I just get sick looking at old pictures of me without this crap on my face. thanks so much!


  1. Clinique face cleaning wash! It has 3 differnet washing for you and it seriously works like magic and its gentle on your skin! I have to use it everyday or I will start breaking out! Lucky you you have only had to deal with it just now :) your baby is adorable! My mom says hi too

  2. Yeah she is adorable!!!!!!! I love and miss you!! We need to chat soon.... I am in Wyoming right now, but I am thinking I am going to be up in Idaho soon!!!!

  3. Love the ACDC outfit. Totally Christensen. :) And you are so right about not comparing your private life to someone's public life. That's really hard not to do especially when blog surfing. I've totally felt the same way. I think we all have.