Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten things that make me Happy

Thank you Sister Sorenson! I was tagged, but I secretly love being tagged because it gives me a reason to BLOG!

Ten things that make me Happy... in no particular order ( I think these are also blessings Heavenly Father gives to me!)

1) Realizing that it's been a half of a year being married to my best friend! ( isn't that crazy!)

2) waking up on time

3) Watching Al get excited about anything

4) water ( I'm thirsty a lot)

5) The children in my ward ( they are all so beautiful and honestly make my day better)

6) Having a job to support my family

7) Serving in the Temple

8) Watching Al play music

9) Talking to my family -- even though they drive me insane

10) Reading and taking walks ( not necessarily at the same time lol, I just wanted to sneak an 11th one in there)

I love my friends and they really help life seem a lot easier and help me think less of the "bad" things and more of the GREAT things! They make me happy.... THEREFORE I am going to tag:

1) Jaclyn Robbert
2) Vicki Matheson
3) Andrea Bowman
4) Jenaca Jett
5) Julie Pack
6) Bekah & Hannah Hintze!



  1. i likey your list:) did you ever get the pictures i finally got around to sending you.

  2. Orchid! I miss you! I have not seen or talked to you in forever!! How are you doing? I am so excited that you are graduated and done with school :) I student teach next semester :) Almost done!

    Love ya!

  3. Orchid! You are so funny! I love your happy spunky fun loving ways of life! :) Keep on blogging! Because I am boring and look at everyones blogs daily hope'in they've updated them! so keep it up! even if its is to blog about being tagged! :) haha. LOVE YOU!