Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Hungry

I think that babies are beautiful and I want one!!!! Well.... we all know it's up to Heavenly Father, but here are some cute babies I like to spend time with. This is McKenna. Her mom is my RS president and one of my best friends. They are such an incredible family with an incredible baby... I know the picture is side ways but it takes so long to load them on I didn't want to do it again!
This is David and Sydney! They are so cute. I baby sit them every once and a while and they are the funnest!!! I just love David so much, if you know his family you should check out their blog. There are Davidisms on there and they are the cutest thing that you'll ever read!
This is Nathan, he just woke up from a nap! Isn't he the cutest thing!!! He's really funny especially on halloween when he was dressed up as a little waddling chicken!
This is Caden. HE's a sweetheart! He loves to read and spell his name and he's only 3!! I just love this little cutie pie!
This is who we know ( according to Caden) Baby Valene! She's the cutest little thing and just the sweetest baby!
This is Licoln. He's gone now sadly. Al helped his parents move out and stuff so he took pictures of this sweet little boy!!
Here's AL & Lincoln! AWWWWWWW!!! I hope I have a little blonde boy. You know I have the chance. Al was blonde and so was his sister when they were babies!
I baby sat on Wednesday this sweet little girl Briley! Isn't she beautiful! She's helping Al with his homework here.
"But I really want to watch T.V. Orchid!" Yeah she's too young. I rather her learn to love PLAYING!
Oh dear look at that dimple! SHe's SOOOO CUTE!
I guess this is either making my baby hungriness worse or it's helping it until we're ready to have our own, but isn't it wonderful to be in a family ward where there are so many cute little angels of Heavenly Father! I sure think so!


  1. sometimes i eally want a baby too.

    but something funny :) my friend totally wore the SAME dinosaur costume my first semester up here. we cut out the feet and sewed it so it was more of a shirt and cut off the arms and wore a green shirt under it. i wore a green and yellow one that was very similar :)

  2. I guess Miles didn't make the cut. I'm totally offended. :) That Briley is one cute chica! She and Miles are 2 or 3 days apart. Loved making gingerbread houses with ya'll!

  3. Oh my dear Orchid, you know I'm just giving you a hard time. I thought you'd be used to it by now being around Mikel and Paul! :)

  4. I feel what you are saying. I have those times when I wish I had a little one. But I know the right thing for Tyler and I is to wait a little while until we are done with school and have better jobs. You are so cute though and the kids are all adorable! I miss seeing you and Al! We need to get together and do a double date or something! Love ya! :)

  5. I giggled out loud when I saw your post Orchid! You know, I'll confess that we sometimes deliberately sit next to baby hungry couples in church so that Malcom will get whisked away and we can nap secretly. I'm not ashamed. :) You're great! Someday you're going to make the funnest mom ever!