Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CONUNDRUM #2- Father's Day!?!

Okay, so since I got a pretty good response from the last question.... WHAT DO I DO FOR FATHER'S DAY?!?!?! Same day as my one year anniversary, but it's still important I feel for him to know I remembered it!

Need your ideas! Please!

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  1. You could write him a letter with all of the reasons why you know that he'll be a good "pop." You could even include a small bag filled with: POP corn, POP rocks, soda POP, Blow POP, Tootsie POPs, POPs cereal, etc. Attach a note that says, “You’ll be the best POP ever!” Hee hee- how's that for cheesy?

    Or you could start a journal for your little baby and write the first entry about how lucky they are to be getting such a cool dad. It made me feel so special when Enoch did that for my first Mother's Day. :)