Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm so BLESSED!!!

SO... I just started my new job as a LONG TERM SUBSTITUTE for the 7th grade. I have felt some nerves going jumbly in my tumbly and I've been worried about whether I've been a good or bad teacher, but so far I think I'm doing okay...BUT during this week I've been so blessed with the amazing people in my life! ( In no particular order)

Alex, my husband. I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have him. He's the sweetest man I have ever been around and just treats me as if I was a princess. I swear I'm sooooo undeserving, yet I recieve the best from my baby.
The Shirleys. I don't know what I'd do without them they are so wonderful to me! They made us the best dinner last night!!!
The Brantinghams made us wonderful cookies!!! There were more... we just ate them all!
The Meachams made me Brownies wishing me good luck!
And I don't have a picture of Andrea Bowman, but she's incredible and she's been such a blessing in my life! She calls at the right time, she texts at the right time... she's incredible and I'm so grateful for her. I love everyone

Most of all I am the most grateful for my Savior. He is the one who helped put all these people in my life to make my life the way it is. I love him and I hope that I show him how much I love him in my obedience. I LOVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!


  1. congrats!!!! That is so great :) You are going to be fantastic!

  2. You are amazing!! I bet you are an awesome teacher!! I'd want you as my teacher!