Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet Husband & Goodbye Friends

They are beautiful huh? My husband is wonderful... I had my first formal observation by my university supervisor and it was stressful. I got home and there was....
My sweet husband. I love him so much.
This is my new friend, Rugi Bear, inside joke...
Below is my sweetheart's first day of school! I love him sooooo much!!!!!
I saw Ashley for the last time, she's leaving for the Orlando Florida Mission!
Same week I said good bye to another one of my sweet friends, Melissa who is leaving for the New York, New York Mission. I'm going to miss them all so much.

So Al plays in a Blue grass band and on Friday they played at the Rexburg Farmers' Market in front of the Tabernacle. Ya'll should check it out it seems pretty awesome.
Isn't he sooo dang cute. There's my baba... I love him.
Saturday they played in a Battle of the Bands here in Rexburg at Rexburg Unplugged and his band WON!! He won our family a $25 gift certificate to Broulims! Pretty sweet, huh?

Thus far life has been pretty motionless for me. I just kind of go with the flow of things. I get stressed out and my sweet husband calms me down. I just need prayers for the Social Studies Unit I'm doing. I hope it all works. Until we meet again.


  1. Congrats to Al on his victory at Rexburg Unplugged . . . however, we know he is not a stranger to such successes. I'm not sure why so much of the family talent passed me by! What a stingy brother I have. Glad, Orchid, that your first review is done. I'm sure you were great. Best of luck on your next unit!

  2. orchid. you are such a cutie patootie. i cannot even believe it. it was so fun seeing you at church the other day!!