Monday, November 15, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

You know you're a mom when you it's noon and you're starving because you forgot to eat worrying about your daughter
You know you're a mom when you cry as they poke her little arms to get blood and they can't so they poke her 4 times and she screams.... and you cry...
You know you're a mom when you rather stay up at night just to watch her breathe
You know you're a mom when you're rushing to get dinner done, but she gets hungry just as you begin to cook it...haha
You know you're a mom when you want things for her for you're Christmas gifts
You know you're a mom when you think about getting your husband's lunch made so he'll have enough food to eat and miss out on your chance to get a shower that morning... ha ha

I love being a mother

SO.... I wrote this blog like two and a half or maybe 3 weeks ago just never posted it... I haven't been really into blogging much since she's been born, and it stinks because I haven't been good at journaling... but I remember things, she smiled first when she was 5 days old and everyone tells me it wasn't a real smile, but I believe it was....she was born with jaundice and she's been struggling with it the entire time, but it's breast feeding jaundice so it's not dangerous anymore and it'll just be a couple of months before her eyes turn back white ( they're yellow with jaundice) I have taken tons of video of her, but it's too hard to put on the blog, and this past Friday she was more awake than ever and started to react to me a little and coo... and it was so sweet. I love this sweet little baby and she's my heart and my soul. I'm so grateful for her and the blessing it has been to have her. She's such a beautiful little baby. Here are a ton of pictures that people have been waiting for and I'm trying my best to put them in order from her age:

more pictures to come soon


  1. She is so cute orchid! I bet you are a great mom.

  2. Orchid she is amazing :) She is so lucky to have you as a mom. I can see so much of you and Alex in her, I miss you! I'm coming to visit you and you better let me hold that cutie!

  3. Orchid, she is beautiful! I love her eyes! I'm so glad you're getting adjusted to motherhood, because it is so wonderful isn't it?

  4. i love all these pictures! It was so fun to see you tonight!

  5. CUTEST pictures EVER- thanks for sharing!

  6. aw i love the pictures!!!! i would love to teach you more about the infant massage if you're still interested :) just let me know!!

  7. I love all of these pictures! They kind of make me sad because I can't hold her and squeeze her and snuggle her in person!!! She is so beautiful :) I am just itching to know her! You look great, by the way. I miss you!

  8. Wow! Great pics of your adorable girl! More please - she has certainly been growing I'm sure! When do we get to see her in person? Hope you're all doing well!