Friday, April 30, 2010

Lego Date Night

Last Night Alex and I got out all of his legos and played for about an hour... He made a little Robot with all the gears and stuff that help it move around and it called it a Love Machine, while singing that song Love Machine:

"I, I , I'm just a love machine and I won't work for nobody, but you!"

It was soooo cute!!!! Alex is so funny. I made a little apartment house with a bedroom and a desk and a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen with a table and a living room and a closet as well.... If I don't say myself it was pretty cool.

Oh man It was so fun. Well today is a very sad day for me.... Alex is such a trooper.... it's month end and he has to be at work from 2:30 until TEN!!!! So I'll be by my lonesome....I watched the movie the BLINDSIDE, now if you can you should watch it.... well you don't have to, but it made me think.... I hope I can show the world be a Christian like the mom in that movie.... She was such a great woman. I hope I can be a example to the world that I feel she was.

Well.... you know I've never appreciated Alex more in my life.... He's an incredible example of what a Church member should be... and I miss him so bad now that he works full time.... WOW Raise your hand if you appreciated your husband more ( or wife) when they went to work.... Oh how I miss my best friend... I love him so much!

Well! See ya later!


  1. yay i finally found you!! haha legos you two are so funny! i know what you mean, joe doesn't work full time but along with school it makes it hard!! hope you don't get too lonely!

  2. you two are sooo cute!!! love the leggo date!

  3. Aw, you're a mela-wife too! I know, I hate month-end. Ben works from 2:30 till midnight. BOO! I'm much more used to it than I was in the beginning. It used to just drive me crazy, now I just use the time to work on my own projects or do some deep cleaning (neither of which happen when he's around.. lol). Good luck Orchid!!

  4. I totally get it! Payden goes to school all day and works on Campus and then boots cars from 7-12 or later every night but Sunday. I have to say that I have gotten pretty used to it since it's been that way even before we met. BUT!!!! Today he is training a new guy and is going to be training another guy next weeks so he will only have to work one night a week!!! (of course the ad for help was my idea!) I NEED MY HUSBAND BACK! haha I always miss him so much when he is gone and it totally makes me appreciate all that he does so much more and makes me more willing to do my part around the house and such and totally makes me want to be a better wife daily! I can't wait though till I get him 6 NIGHTS A WEEK!!!! <3