Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A teacher's worst nightmare!


So I'm a Seventh Grade teacher and it's really hard. I think MOST of my students do this every morning when their parents wake them up. I have a few students that work really hard and I think they love school, but the others students make teaching so hard. I wish so badly that they understood how important school was.

I think though all this experience in teaching has made me realize one important thing that I am going to support my children in school!!! I want to help them with their homework, and let them know how important it is and make them feel good about themselves!

Be a good parent and help them in school!


  1. having parent support changes a lot!!!

  2. i struggle with the same thing with my 5th graders! it is so hard!! i have learned the same lesson about parental is so vital!!

  3. Hey so I randomly found your blog! i hope you guys are doing well!
    Jeremy and Chantelle Warnick

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