Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear Alex Marshall.... Happy V-Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

So I worked Friday and Saturday this weekend so like most we didn't get to go on our Valentine's Date on Saturday and because Sunday both of us are home all day I surprised Al with my part of my V-day gift on Saturday... SOOOO I wish I didn't lose my photo card reader because I can't put pictures up of what I did, but I will describe it.

So I made a bunch of hearts for my 7th graders to make Valentines and heart attack and the die cut machine made an outline heart to it as well and so I wrote why I love Alex on all the outlined hearts and then hung them from the ceiling. Then I bought him this cute little book with quotes about love. Then.. I made this cute little thingy with hearts and stuff... REALLY I'll just have to put pictures up.

Let me write why I love my husband...

Alex is the sweetest thing I have ever had in my life...
He is so funny and makes me laugh!
Example: I am not a morning person... which is funny because my whole life I was, but anyways....
When I wake up, Alex is awake, wide-eyed, smiling at me and popping out of his blanket and says something like RUUUUUUUU! In a baby voice and it's sooooo funny and so cute! Then for the next twenty minutes in bed we just lay there and he makes me laugh sooooo much!!!!

Alex also treats me like a pretty pretty princess when I'm sick. When I'm sick I am so ornery when I'm sick and I just beg him to do things for me and he'll do it in a heart beat.
Example: Alex really wanted to show me the new sound on his amp because he had just changed the tubes! SO I said, PLEASE let's look at all my new clothes first... I want to show you! AM I a sweetheart or what?!! That was like yesterday I think!

I've been such a brat because I've been sick... Oh dear and my husband is wonderful...

Alex Marshall,

I love you and you are my best friend. I love listening to you play your instruments and I love listening to your ideas about your wild English papers...

Thank you for everything you do for me and make me feel beautiful even when I feel ugly and fat... I love you baby.


your crazy wife.


  1. oh orchid you are so cute!! You and your hubby make me smile!!
    love, hannah jane

  2. You and Alex are adorable. I love and miss u guys

  3. haha 'even when you feel ug+fat.' silly face! but if you found a man who loves you no matter what.... you found a keeper!! i'm happy for you chika! xoxo

  4. So I've decided that you are way cute. :-) And in answer to your question, we are actually in Rexburg- my husband goes to BYU-Idaho. I teach at South Fremont Jr. High, which is in St. Anthony, Idaho (15 minutes away). I actually work in the special ed room, even though I don't have a special ed credential. (I work as a general ed teacher with another teacher who has the special ed credential.) I really like my job- I think I may get my masters in special education. So how is your job going? :-)